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    Helping startups establish foothold and beyond

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    ActnerLab is the action partner
    for your success !

    ActnerLab is global startup accelerator helping
    startups bring disruptive hardware technologies to market.

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    If you have beta product
    with great team,
    it is time to act with us !

    ActnerLab offers global program to help
    early startups in future areas such as wearables,
    IoT, connected car and healthcare
    from successful production to global funding.


ActnerLab is a startup accelerator that helps hardware startups establish their initial foothold and our accelerator program works in cooperation with Lab IX of Silicon Valley to help manage Korea’s finest startups from their earliest foundations and continuing into their successful globalization.

ActnerLab makes it possible for entrepreneurs to manufacture prototypes directly, turning their innovative ideas into exciting reality.

Along with our fast prototyping resources, ActnerLab offers a startup education program that will serve to strengthen any startup’s base.

ActnerLab is the action partner for your success !

NEMIC(New England Medical Innovation Centeer)

ActnerLab is working in collaboration with Lab IX (www.labix.io), the hardware hub for innovation and start-ups, from Silicon Valley, CA. Lab IX’s mission is to create the world’s largest hardware ecosystem while looking for innovations that will change the world.

Lab IX offers start-ups and entrepreneurs around the world the ultimate partnership that can help any hardware initiative become a leading hardware venture with the fastest time to market.

Lab IX has the scale, scope and speed to accelerate products from concept to market. Lab IX can build anything and deliver it anywhere.

Lab IX™ gives startups a competitive advantage by providing tools and connections to grow their business:

  • Capital
  • Mentorship and industry experts
  • Market insights to focus technology applications across different industries
  • Innovative workspace with machining and tooling facilities
  • Experience and industry know how
  • Engineers, Designers and DFx services
  • The world’s most advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Portfolio of disruptive technologies in-house to source from
  • Scale capabilities and Supply chain management
  • Accelerated market penetration through OEM’s
  • Regional ecosystem introduction (US and many more)

Korean start-ups entering into the ActnerLab accelerator program will have the opportunity to enter into Lab IX’s program in Silicon Valley.


Lab IX is the venture arm of Flextronics (www.flextronics.com), a global leader in design, manufacturing, distribution and aftermarket services.

At Lab IX, start-ups get access to Flextronics' global end-to-end supply chain solutions and industry leading expertise in hardware design, manufacturing and logistics.

With more than 200,000 employees, activity in 30 different countries, across four continents - Flextronics is a powerful partner.

Lab IX is a registered trademark of Flextronics.